My first book, dedicated to my mother, Love bytes, was a best Seller under the "Biography and autobiography" section and also in "Business industries and professions" category, on, and Goodreads, and multi platforms. Being a story teller I grasps the attention of the reader with ease. The book unravels the memoirs and true stories from my life. Some are very painful and would leave your eyes brimming with tears, as is evident from 180 plus reviews. Other stories weave romance and hilarious true episodes from my Real Life.

Just to mention, my late father 85 years of age, read my book a month before passing away, and remarked "i thought you were intelligent, but you are super intelligent!"

My second book, Meera Krishan ki Sangeeti is written in Hindi, English and Punjabi and is a compilation of songs, compositions and lyrics from 1998 with the stories of their creations. It is dedicated to my departed parents, Meera and Krishan.